Solution of launch icarscan register and activate, unsold problems

If you launch icascan scanner tool  don’t let you register and activate it, and  you  put serial number and verification code tells you “unsold”, the reason is you download a wrong APP.   there are two solutions  for help you solve your icarscan register problems.

1.   please  scan the QR code at the back of the package, download and install the APP .



2.  please scan the QR code at the user manual. download and install APP. you can according to the following pictures finish it .







the above information can solve your icarscan register problems. this is the new icarscan with 8 software free . somebody download a wrong icarscan APP. the wrong APP is for old icarscan with 5 software . so  it appear this icarscan unsold problems.

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Customer feedback about LAUNCH ICARSCAN OBD2 CODE READER

I just played around with LAUNCH ICARSCAN for the last hour testing various functionality. I installed it for iOS and had zero issues. I used the QR code to download the first application (EZdiag), input myserial number & activation code from the paper slip, selected my “8 pieces of free software”, then went to full system scan and selected Porsche and it downloaded a second application called “US&Euro car”. The second app launches automatically when you’re ready to scan a vehicle.


As far as functionality, I was able to read and communicate with all of the major modules with no problems. I played around with viewing various real time values and scanning the modules for errors (had a handful of meaningless errors). There are very minimal coding options available on the ICARSCAN , but there are a few. I think once upon a time someone was asking about headlight programming. There is an option to code a ballast as “left”, “right”, or “new control unit” as well as calibrate them. Not sure how any of it works, but it’s there.

I also have the iCarSoft i960 so can provide a brief comparison with that. Both units read real time values from the various modules just fine. There’s too many to compare to know if one reads more than the other. The i960 does not provide the Porsche specific error codes on the various modules. The i960 also can not reset the service interval, whereas LAUNCH ICARSCAN resets the service interval like a champ. The i960 is self contained and a little quicker to get going (no BT pairing), while the icarscan obd2 code reader feels a little snappier changing menus. The big bonus is the X431 works on many more vehicles.

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